We are an MSE based in India

We are an MSE based in India, After successfully professionalizing the traditional business of retailing (Balaji Enterprises), the group diversified into the apparel business by setting up a manufacturing facility in Ludhiana, Punjab in 2018. For FABUSA, diversification meant:


     Manufacture high quality men’s garments like Shirts, T shirts, Tracksuit etc.

     Foster an elongated association between our organization and the textile and apparel sector

     Encouraging a strong demand for manufacturing facilities by domestic retail brands

     The scope of future expansion in production with foreign buyers and domestic retail brands

     Supporting the local economy by efficient utilization of the abundant labour in Ludhiana


Diversification also meant establishing a strong management team which currently comprises of Mr. Vikram Bansal, the visionary leader with abundance of experience in apparel business, and Mr. Johny Bansal & Kamal Kumar, who form the backbone of FABUSA and have years of business management experience.


Our Philosophy and Vision


To be passionate about something is to ensure that your work is always whole heartedly done. Thus, our principal philosophy is to remain passionate about the work we do. Passion propels us to be swifter, stronger and it motivates us to guarantee that the outcome of our work is higher than our potential. It means every working moment is filled with the keen pursuit of improvement and perfection. This philosophy drives us to stretch beyond our own limits, to venture where no man has been before.


We, at FABUSA, allow this passion to inspire and stimulate our work, hence delivering our customers superior quality goods at cost effective prices, through efficient manufacturing procedures.




At FABUSA we manufacture Stylish Casual wear & corporate Menswear. High fashion styling and international stitching quality standards at pocket friendly prices are the key to our success. Our efforts are constantly motivated in order to provide the best quality and comfort at affordable price. We work with a varied range of fabrics, which include Cottons, Linens, Polyesters, Corduroys, and Denims etc.




Our setup is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery. A 100% fabric inspection is done before we initiate the production process. We use the latest and best design technologies to maintain high levels of accuracy and current fashion trends.




Our research and development team is always working to deliver the best quality products to our clients. The samples we create are designed to the clients’ specification and our innovative conceptions are based on fashion trends in the global market.




At FABUSA we believe in quality first. We use only finest raw materials. For all phases of our activities, from sampling, merchandising, and manufacturing to shipment, we ensure strict quality standards and have a quality control system to deliver the finest clothing to our clients.




With a youthful, energetic and highly creative team, we have strived for the past four years to produce and provide high-end clothing for our clients and customers




As we are very particular and meticulous about the work environment in our company. We meet all statutory requirements pertaining to labour and other facilities as per regulation. Our factory operates with adequate safety standards.